The Environmental Issues class at Dominican University, in San Rafael, California, aims to introduce students to a broad overview of sustainability issues. Project based learning enhances the learning of the more theoretical and scientific aspects of the class, as well as providing opportunities for learning transferable skills. Joanne Tippett has taught this class three times, with students from many backgrounds and subject areas. Each class had a different focus in the practical sessions, looking at possibilities for a sustainability center, ways of 'greening' a new science building, and possibilities for the rehabilitation of Sisters Creek, which runs through the campus. The common thread of this educational process has been using a focus on projects to catalyze an integrated landscape plan for the campus. The SuNstainable DesignWays process works in stages, allowing students to develop transferable skills, as well as integrating vital components of systemic sustainability planning.

Student generated ideas and recommendations

Sustainability Center - Overall Plan
Diagram of Nodes and Networks
Creative Brainstorming
Goals and Values
Applying Ecological Design Principles
Infrastructure and Flows - Detail