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Sustainability Aquaculture
General sustainability resources Bay Area Resources - California, USA
The Natural Step Bay Area Watershed Restoration Resources
Sustainability and Business Biodiversity
Sustainable Business Information Building
Industrial ecology Complex Systems and Life
Company web sites Chemistry
Sustainable Economics Chemistry - Alternative materials
Economics - History Community Currencies
Modern Economics Company web sites
Sustainable Development and Economics Creative Thinking Skills
Community Currencies Creativity Resources
Science Design and Planning
General Science Eco-Efficiency
Complex Systems and Life Ecological Design
Chemistry Ecological Landscape Design
Gaia theory Economics
Ecosystem research Ecosystem research
Soil Education for sustainability
Water Energy and energy resources
System Condition 1- substances from the earth's crust Fair Trade
Global Climate Change Gaia theory
Mining and Minerals General Science
Energy and energy resources General sustainability resources
System condition 2 - substances produced by society Global Climate Change
Pollution Green Plans
Alternative materials and chemistry Green Retail
System Condition 3 - ecosystem integrity Industrial ecology
Biodiversity Infrastructure
Sustainable Agriculture Mental models and paradigms
Permaculture Metaphor
Plants Mind Mapping
Aquaculture Mining and Minerals
System Condition 4 - social and human capital Modern Economics
Social and human capital Participatory Democracy
Fair Trade Patterns
'Two Thirds World Development' Patterns and Design
Participatory Democracy Permaculture
System Condition 4 - eco-efficiency Plants
Eco-Efficiency Pollution
Practical Sustainability Soil
Sustainability in the Home Social and human capital
Green building Science
Ecological Landscape Design and Gardening Practical Sustainability
Patterns and Design Sustainability
Patterns Sustainability in the Home
Ecological Design Sustainable Agriculture
Creativity Resources Sustainable Business Information
Creative Thinking Skills Sustainable Design and Planning - resources
Mind Mapping Sustainable Development and Economics
Sustainable Design and Planning Sustainable Economics
Design and Planning - resources System Condition 1- substances from the earth's crust
Permaculture System condition 2 - substances produced by society
Urban ecology System Condition 3 - ecosystem integrity
Green plans System Condition 4 - social and human capital
Infrastructure The Natural Step
Transport 'Third World Development'
Mental models and paradigms Transport
Metaphor and Mental Models Urban ecology
Education for sustainability Water
Bay Area Resources
Green Retail
Bay Area Watershed Restoration Resources

Recommended readings (and links to further articles).


  • Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development
  • The Sustainability Institute
  • Sustainable ABC - educational resource and book store
  • Environmental Protection Agency (USA)
  • The Environment Agency (UK)
  • Friends of the Earth (UK)
  • Ecological Footprints
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • article on criteria for sustainability
  • Green Maps - very useful tools, there may be a green map of your area - if not, maybe you can start to develop one
  • Measuring Sustainable Development - IISD's Measurement & Indicators Program
  • Measuring Progress
  • The Natural Step

  • Explanatory article
  • Introductory Article by Karl-Henrik Robčrt
  • USA
  • UK under the science section, look at the excellent newsletters Stepping Stones
  • Australia 
  • Sweden
  • Robčrt, Karl-Henrik. "Educating a Nation: The Natural Step."
  • Video: Building Sustainability with the Natural Step: UT-Houston’s Journey, Northcutt ProductionsTo order a copy
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    Sustainable Business Information

    Industrial ecology

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    Company Web Sites


    Modern Economics

    Sustainable Development and Economics

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    Community Currencies

    General Science

    Gaia Theory

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    Ecosystem research

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    Climate Change

    • For a good example of an industry-sponsored group which seems to be showing unbiased scientific information (in this case in support of the use of fossil fuels) see Greening Earth Society

    Mining and Minerals

    Energy and Energy Resources

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    Complex Systems and Life


    Alternative materials and chemistry


    Sustainable Agriculture (see also Permaculture)

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    Sustainable Design and Planning


    Ecological Landscape Design and Gardening


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    Social and Human Capital

    Fair Trade

    ''Two Thirds World' Development

    Participatory Democracy


    Sustainability in the Home

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    Green Building


    Creative Thinking Skills

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    Mind Mapping

    Urban ecology

    Green plans


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    Metaphor and Mental Models

    Education for sustainability

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    Bay Area Resources

    Bay Area Watershed Restoration Resources

    San Francisco Estuary Project
    Guide to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA CREEKS The Oakland Museum of California

    CalFlora Database

    California Native Plant Society (CNPS)


    North Bay Riparian Station

    Friends of Five Creeks East Bay

    City of Oakland Watershed Improvement Program

    Green Retail