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Delivery Strategy

DesignWays offers a common language of design that helps people understand their deep connection with nature, and their responsibilities as global citizens. The vision is to see DesignWays used internationally as a language for participation in community regeneration. Under development since 1993, DesignWays has been successfully applied to projects ranging from rural regeneration, to environmental education, to urban design in the USA, England and Southern Africa. In the future DesignWays will provide a valuable standard operating procedure for participatory planning. Many individuals in different geographical areas, North and South, will be trained in the skills of meaningful, participatory planning and ecological design at different levels of scale. It will be applied in a wide range of contexts, including: urban regeneration, rural development, community capacity building, environmental management and industrial ecology. Capacity building will be developed through partnerships with existing delivery organisations, such that DesignWays provides added-value to their activities and programmes. Partnerships and exchanges between countries will allow for exchange of knowledge and development assistance to poorer regions of the world.

The diagram to the left shows the proposed operating system for delivery of the DesignWays approach. There is potential for significant international impact, operating as a network in partnership with existing delivery organisations. The components of the delivery strategy are discussed in more detail in the draft delivery strategy (204 kb).