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Sustainability and Holocene's Work

DesignWays to Creativity
Article on SuNstainable DesignWays

Criteria for Sustainability
A Framework for Decision Making

The Natural Step
Explanatory Article

Action Speaks - Permaculture in Lesotho
Article published in Permaculture Magazine

fractal shell

Ph.D. Research


Integrated Catchment Management and Planning for Sustainability - the Case of the Mersey Basin Campaign. Dissertation submitted for MA (Econ.) in Social Research Methods. Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. Manchester, University of Manchester

A participatory protocol for ecologically informed design
Research for Ph.D. at Manchester Univeristy

Systems Thinking and Embodied Realism - Research Design for Sustainability Issues at the Landscape Level of Scale

A pattern based approach to participatory ecological design - Landscape regeneration in Southern Africa

Ecologically informed design - Determining an appropriate geographic level of scale for inquiry

The Value of a Systems View of Sustainability Criteria (The Natural Step)

Visualisation Mind Maps

Visualising Social Processes Essay

How to Read a MindMap

Conceptual Framework

Basics of Visualisation

Basics of Visualisation - The Weaver Project Map

Key Concepts of Visualisation

Key Concepts of Visualisation - The Weaver Project Map

Types of Graphics

Maps created for essay

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University Work and Teaching

Biology 140 - Environment and Ecology
Links and Resources for environmental
science course taught at Dominican University

A Pattern Language of Sustainability    
BA Thesis by Joanne Tippett


Poem by Chief Maama Mosopha

Erosion's Edge
Poem by Joanne Tippett

DesignWays - Possible Delivery Structure
Draft Discussion Paper

Preventing Cancer and Alternative Treatments
Notes and Ideas