Creative Futures
The Irk Valley & Moston Vale

Irk Valley Size Moston Vale Size
Report for screen 806 kb Report for screen 611 kb
Report for printing 2125 kb Report for printing 1613 kb
Landscape Visions 293 kb Landscape Plan 203 kb
Ecological Design 253 kb Moston Landscape Plan A3 to print 7290 kb
Landscape Visions A3 to print 8429 kb Supplementary Notes for Plan 288 kb
Ecological Design A3 to print 5298 kb Database of ideas from workshops 213 kb
Legend for Plan 487 kb
Database of ideas from workshops 1155 kb

See also article about the process in Source - publication of the Mersey Basin Campaign - Special Research Issue [pdf/4.29mb]

Note: the two reports have a similar structure, but a different focus, with the emphasis on the outcomes of the process.

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