A Framework for Sustainability in Business: The Natural Step
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Facilitator: Joanne Tippett of Holocene Design Company
Key note speaker: Charles McGlashan of Natural Strategies

Date: Saturday, February 26, 2000  Agenda

This one day workshop focused on understanding The Natural Step and its application to business.

"The Natural Step offers a framework that is based on science and serves as a compass for businesses, communities, academia, government entities and individuals working to redesign their activities to become more sustainable. The Natural Step encourages dialogue and consensus building, a key process of learning organizations." www.naturalstep.org

As a tool, The Natural Step reduces confusion, cutting through seemingly conflicting information in the sustainability debate. It offers a framework for strategic planning, and can be used as a compass for navigating step-by-step towards long-term economic and ecological sustainability.
Workshop organized by Wesley Young, Ph.D., Director, Division of Graduate Business Studies
Workshop sponsored by the Division of Graduate Programs in the School of Business and International Studies at Dominican University.
The workshop was made possible by a generous grant from the Compton Foundation.
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