Holocene Design (founded in 1994) combines Joanne Tippett's experience in sustainable planning, ecological design and participatory training with Buddy William's experience in ecological architecture and site planning. Holocene is a loose umbrella under which we have organised our project work together.

Holocene Design aims to help our partners and clients incorporate sustainable principles into their organizational goals and objectives. List of Partner and Clients.

Holocene is the current geological epoch. Our  work is inspired by biological and cultural patterns within a sense of geological time and place.

Design is the creative process of developing new ideas and possibilities and integrating them within the context of a particular organization, place and time. It is the active process of engaging with the environment and others to achieve desired outcomes.

Sustainable development is a dynamic process which enables all people to realize their potential and to improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the Earth’s life support systems’.  
(Forum for the Future definition).

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